Breeio adds Reflective Practice feature to support professionals

Breeio’s new Reflective Practice feature is designed to capture learning reflections, allowing individuals to demonstrate their growing areas of competence and improve their personal development.

Digital body language: How to read a virtual audience

How do you connect with an audience when you can’t fully 'see' their reactions? Drawing on expertise from our webinar partner Jo Cook, we share some tips for using digital information to understand your participants better.

How can you demonstrate the impact of L&D on your business?

How can you easily demonstrate the value and impact of L&D to senior managers? Reports on training need to be easy to create, and easy to interpret, giving a snapshot of the organisation's training status. So what's the best way to make this happen?

How do facilitators feel about virtual classrooms?

Recent times have caused a major swing towards the use of virtual platforms for live online learning. How do facilitators feel about this? We asked learning facilitators for their views, and here’s what they told us…

Designing brilliant virtual classroom sessions

How do you design content for live online events that engages and excites learners? Our recent webinar with virtual classroom guru Jo Cook explored the challenges and shared top tips. Catch up on Jo’s expert advice…

Use your LMS as a communication channel for employee engagement

Why are most employees reporting that they feel disengaged, while at the same time companies are increasing their spend on internal engagement? How can internal communication be improved so staff don't feel bombarded by too many messages from too many directions?

Delight colleagues – provide continuous learning opportunities without excessive cost

Do you sometimes feel as if you’re performing a balancing act between quality learning opportunities and cost? Find out how using an LMS to deliver learning is an ideal way to balance these two things, and delight both sets of your colleagues.

Make the transition to virtual training events

As the events of the past few months continue to reshape the business world, the need to provide learning for employees has remained constant. Closing the office building doesn’t mean closing the door on learning: millions of workers around the world are entering the virtual classroom. As people adapt to the new challenges posed by remote working, the need to learn is perhaps more pressing than ever.

Five healthy habits for emotional wellbeing

Emotional wellbeing is essential for happy, healthy working – especially during this period of anxiety, stress and change.

L&D leaders: 4 strategies to help you adapt quickly to change

With employees suddenly working remotely, there are new challenges for learning and development. What can L&D leaders do to respond fast? Here are four strategies to help you keep learning on track.

Be the one who can deliver an engaging, consistent induction programme

How can you give new colleagues consistent five-star treatment when it comes to onboarding?

Your LMS is the key to rapid reskilling and upskilling

What can companies do to improve their ability to respond rapidly to change? In short, look to your L&D team to provide the answer.

Automate the routine admin and focus on the important

In a standard business environment, a common issue facing staff is that they are unable to focus on important tasks due to the ever-pressing need to respond to urgent tasks, combined with the monotony of time-consuming routine admin. In the L&D world, a powerful way to give yourself more time for the important stuff is to leave the drudgery of routine admin to your LMS.

Brighter way to manage learning launches at WOLCE 2019

Breeio by Acteon launched at World of Learning in October.

Acteon shortlisted for 4 Learning Technologies Awards for work with Channel 4 and Co-op

Acteon shortlisted for 4 Learning Technologies awards for work with Channel 4 and Co-op

Engage new joiners with your onboarding programme

Ensure new colleagues are welcomed and supported through the crucial onboarding phase

Making your own training video

Tips from TV journalists on how to make your own video for training

Conquer your compliance challenges

Pro-actively maintain high levels of compliance to achieve a competitive edge in highly regulated industries

Empower your sales and support teams

Ensure that your teams have easy access to product knowledge, wherever they are