30 March 2021

Breeio adds Reflective Practice feature to support professionals

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Reflective Practice is seen by many professions as an essential component of continuing development. Solicitors, physicians and nurses all employ reflective practice to maintain and develop their professional competence.

Breeio’s new Reflective Practice logging feature is designed to capture these learning reflections, allowing individuals to demonstrate their growing areas of competence and improve their personal development.

“The Breeio learning system is at work in law firms, hospitals, care homes, high-tech and hospitality companies,” says Matt Borg, partner at Breeio.

“In addition to delivering a full blend of learning, these organisations can also use Breeio to support their people by giving them tools to reflect on learning and meet the requirements of their professional bodies.”

The Breeio Reflective Practice form follows the well-known Kolb Learning Cycle model and uses questions familiar to solicitors and healthcare professionals. Learners are asked to record their experience, reflect on what they learned, how it applies to their work, and finally, how they will apply what they’ve learned back into their work.

Breeio also allows individuals to download their reflections for the entire year or previous years, making it easy to provide evidence of continuing professional development.

“We work closely with our clients in the legal and healthcare sectors to make sure the tools they need in the workplace are built right into Breeio,” adds Matt. “This feature is just one example of that focus.”

Acteon’s Breeio LMS is an award-winning one-stop blended learning platform that allows you to efficiently deliver a full people development strategy that is right for your organisation’s size and needs. Breeio is designed to save you time while delivering the rich learning and comprehensive reporting you need -- all from one learning portal.