Assigning a mandatory course to all learners

After building your course, you need to add assignment rules so the right learners have access to complete it.

It's important to remember if your course is 'live' it will appear immediately for your learners. To avoid this, go back and change the course status to 'under construction' before adding the assignments - you can do this in the 'course details' pane.

When you have a mandatory course that you want every learner to complete follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Assignments pane

2. Click on Assign to all - this will assign the course to all learners - those active and those who join in the future. In the screen shot below you can now see that 467 learners have been assigned to the course and you can even click on the 'see names' link if you wanted to check the list and download the list into an Excel file.

Assigning to 'all' but with some conditions

You may want to make an assignment to all learners, but you may not want this to apply to everyone who joins in the future, or you don't want it to apply to everyone who has been with the organisation for years. Below are some tips on how to handle these conditions:

In the 'Course details' pane, you can add dates to these two fields to manage the exceptions:

Auto suspend date

Automatically suspends a course on this date. This might be useful if you have used a Fixed Target Date and you do not want new joiners to be assigned the course after this date. Suspending the course will stop it from being assigned to new people and will remove un-started assignments. It will retain in-progress assignments and completions, and the ability to look at the module content. The course will still show in reports and the Learning Log, etc.

Effective date

Learners with a Joining Date on or after this date will be assigned (if they are assigned via other methods). Entering a date here will stop the assignment to anyone with either: No joining date or a joining date before the effective date.

3. Change the status to 'live' - if your course is 'under construction', the status needs to be changed to 'live' for the assignment rules to be effective.

Breeio version 9.1.3