Reports to help you manage the demand for classroom events

Breeio has a number of reports that can help you to identify when new events need to be added:

Optional courses pending approval

When a course is optional the delegate's request to complete a course might need to be approved by their manager and/or the central admin team.

This report helps you to keep on top of those approvals - managers and the central admin teams are notified when an approval is needed through their homepage. This acts as a reminder for the central admin that approvals are outstanding and they can chase managers to approve if needed. 

The report also provides you with a sense check to the demand of the course and if it's a course with a classroom module help you to understand how many events need to be scheduled.

Pending classroom bookings

When a learner signs up for a course they have the option to 'pre-book a date' or 'select a date later' for the classroom module.

If dates are scheduled the date will appear for the learner to select one - in this instance they will not appear on this report.

If the learner cannot attend a date or there aren't any events scheduled they will click on 'select a date later' - in this instance the record will appear in the Pending classroom bookings report.

This report will help you with your capacity planning - you can review it to see how many people have enrolled onto the course and want to attend the classroom module. You can then check to see if you have events scheduled, how many you have scheduled and if there are enough to meet the current demand.

Upcoming classroom bookings

This reports all current classroom bookings - remember you can use the filters if you want to look at a date range or for a particular course.

It is useful to look at this report to check what is happening on certain dates as you may want to avoid these dates when scheduling new dates.


Breeio version 9.1.3