Auto-complete feature on Surveys

Training evaluations are a great tool by which your team can collect valuable data from those who have participated in courses. You can use the Breeio authoring tool to create training evaluation surveys that can be added as a module to the course.

To help encourage your learners to complete the evaluation survey you can add the module as ‘required’ – this means a learner will need to complete the survey for the course to complete. Making the survey mandatory can however impact on your course completion figures because until the learner completes it the course will show as incomplete and if it has a target date might start to show as ‘late’.

To help balance the need for the valuable evaluation data with the need to get courses completed we have a useful feature the enables the survey to auto-complete after a number of days (this can be specified by you) if the learner hasn't completed it. 

The feature is available in the module details page – simply add the number of days you want the survey to be available before the course completes.

Breeio version 9.2