User overview report

The User overview report links you through to individual training records where you can see progress and validity of courses assigned to the individual. You can also complete the following actions from there:

  • Download a training log
  • Manually add training to the user's training log
  • Send the user an email
  • Complete assignment admin - change target dates, re-set and auto-complete

From the summary page you can view some really useful information such as validity status on course, target dates (will be highlighted if the date has passed), event date (if a date has been selected for a classroom module), completion date and assessment score.

To access an individual training record - click on their name in the User overview report. In this area you get a great visual of the progress the individual is making with their training.

You can drill down to a more granular level by clicking on the course name.

From this page you can see the titles of the different modules and resources that make up the course, what type of module it is, along with dates, duration and scores.

You can use the features on the User overview report to complete some important actions:

 Manually logging training

Click on the pencil 'Log' icon on the blue bar.

A pop-up box will appear on screen with three options - 'Log ad-hoc training', 'log course completion' and 'log personal training' - select the option you need.

Remember - If you have a group of people who have completed training you can log it through the 'Learning log' option (on the navigation bar on the reports homepage) and it will give you the option of logging the training by adding participants and/or groups which would be quicker than logging individually through the individual report. 

1. Log ad-hoc training

You can use this category to log any ad-hoc training that has been organised outside of Breeio and you don't need to create reports of who has completed the course. Logging ad-hoc training will add the training event to the Individual Training Record, but it is not reportable elsewhere.

You might use this option to:

  • Log historical training sessions that are no longer offered
  • Give credit for NVQ or Diploma Qualifications.

2. Log course completion

This allows you to add a manual submission of completion of a Breeio course. Logging training here will add a completion against a live course for that person. Those completions will be treated like all others and will feed into reports on Breeio.

3. Log personal training

You can use this category to log any personal training the individual has completed such as attending a conference, watching a video, reading a book etc.

Remember - the individual has access to log personal training through their Breeio account

Emailing user

Click on the email icon on the blue bar.

This is a useful feature that enables you to send an email to the user directly from the system - maybe you need to remind them they have a target date coming up soon, or they need to book a date for a classroom module. It's quick and simple to send it while working in the account rather than switching to your email account.

Assignment admin

When you click on the 'Assignments' icon a pop-up box will open on screen and you have the following options - 'Auto complete', 'Reset' and 'Change target dates'.

1. Auto complete

This enables you to manually complete a course for the individual when they have a current open assignment - you can add a completion date and add the score they achieved. It will display as auto completed by admin.

2. Reset

You are able to reset the course status to 'not started'. You will be presented with the option to remove any associated completion from learning logs or to keep any existing completions in the log.

Caution is advised when using this feature as the action is irreversible.

3. Change target dates

You can change the target date for an assignment for the individual but only for those courses that don't have a fixed target date.

Training record

Clicking on the 'Training' icon will download a PDF of the individual's training record that you can print and/or save.

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