Learning log

The learning log displays a list of all learning that has been completed through Breeio and also any learning logged by individuals e.g. attending a conference or reading book.

You might find it useful to apply some filters so you only see the data you are interested in.

All the usual filters are available (by courses and by staff) but you can also filter by the different learning log categories and other training categories. So if you want to report how many hours per month individuals are spending in coaching sessions you can easily find this information using the filters.

The filter on this report also has a date range too!

Manually logging training

Administrators and Group Managers can manually log training by clicking on the 'log' icon.

A pop-up box will appear on screen with three options - Log ad-hoc training, Log course completion and Log personal training - select the option you need.

This feature is useful because you're able to log training by selecting participants or by selecting groups saving you time if you have large numbers of people to log training for.

1. Log ad-hoc training

You can use this category to log any ad-hoc training that has been organised outside of Breeio and you don't need to create reports of who has completed the course. Logging ad-hoc training will add the training event to the Individual Training Record, but it is not reportable elsewhere.

You might use this option to:

  • Log historical training sessions that are no longer offered
  • Give credit for NVQ or Diploma Qualifications.

2. Log course completion

This allows you to add a manual submission of completion of a Breeio course. Logging training here will add a completion against a live course for that person even if they don't have a current open assignment. Those completions will be treated like all others and will feed into reports on Breeio.

3. Log personal training

You can use this category to log any personal training that has been completed such as attending a conference, watching a video, reading a book etc.

Remember - the individual has access to log personal training through their Breeio account

Breeio version 9.1.3