Managing renewals

Many of the courses you deliver on Breeio may require renewal annually, biennially or according to another period. For example, many compliance courses need to be repeated and refreshed every year.

Breeio makes it easy to manage the re-assignment and repeating of courses. The following describes some of the key terms and choices you will make as you set up your renewal course.

Renewal scenario

Let’s say you want everyone to receive 'Digital information security' training every 12 months.

The course renews every 12 months. This is the “Validity period”.

From the date learners are first assigned, you want them to have access to the e-learning and have four (4) weeks to complete. This is the “Target completion” period. When courses have a face-to-face classroom element, you may want to give learners a slightly longer Target completion period so that they have time to book onto upcoming dates.

If each time the course is renewed you want to give the learner eight (8) weeks to complete it before their validity expires, then enter 8 weeks in the Target completion for renewals. (You will need to click on 'Set different target for renewals'). The course will be re-assigned eight (8) weeks before it would expire and the target date will be the date the validity expires.

Consider the scenario below...

Bob is assigned to the course on January 1st. He receives whatever the Target completion period is to complete the assignment. If this is four (4) weeks, his target date (i.e., deadline) will be 28th January, after which he will show as late in the reports. He can complete his training on any date, including dates after his target date.

Once Bob completes the training, he is valid from that date for 12 months. Let’s say he completes on Jan 15th he’s now valid for 12 months, meaning on Jan 15th the following year he needs to have completed the course again to remain valid. To give him time to achieve this, we ‘renew’ his assignment eight (8) weeks before this. He is therefore re-assigned on 20th November, giving him eight (8) weeks ‘target completion’ period to remain valid by Jan 15th.

In this example, Bob can complete his renewal at any point from Nov 20th onwards. This means that over time, if he completes training as soon as it is assigned, the assignment and target dates may start drifting backwards in the year.