Away until

This is a useful feature to use when someone is going to be away from the business for some time e.g. maternity leave or long-term absence.

On the User profile page you can add a date the user will be 'Away until'. Once this date has been added the user will be set as 'away' in Breeio.



When someone is marked 'away':

  • training they have not started is removed; and
  • training currently in progress is left as is.

When the 'Away until' date is reached the 'away' status will be removed and:

  • any training that was taken away is re-assigned; and
  • if they have never done the training before, they get the 'first time' target period
  • if they are renewing and the renewal date is still in the future, the target date aligns with that, otherwise, they get the 'first time' target period.

You can review all your learners that have an 'Away until' date in the 'Away until user list' in 'Other reports'.

Breeio version 9.1.3