Adding a practical module

Like other types of modules, a practical module will sit inside a course and can be blended with other training opportunities (eg. e-learning, resources, classroom, etc).

A practical module can be used to:

  • Ask the learner to answer a question and/or reflect on something
  • Ask the learner to complete an off-line task and then upload evidence (eg. a completed worksheet)
  • Ask the learner just to acknowledge that they are ready to meet with their manager* (eg. for an end-of-induction 'sign-off')
  • Allow the manager to review comments and then sign-off the task
  • Allow the manager to add comments and sign-off
  • Allow the manager to add a score for an offline activity (eg. a competency check)

Manager will be the Line Manager if that feature is being used on your Breeio. Otherwise, the Group Manager and Administrators will be able to sign-off practical modules.

To add a Practical module, go to the Content area and click on the Modules tab.

1. Click on New Module

2. Click on the Create practical option to open up the module details page

3. Enter a title for your practical module - this title will appear on the course page. See the example below for how it will appear for the learner).

4. You can enter a description - this might be instructions on what needs to be completed, or a question to be answered in a response box (see example below to see how it will appear for the learner).

5. Set the sign-off authority:

  • By learner only - module will complete when the learner confirms
  • By manager only - module will complete when the manager confirms via the Approvals area in My Team, and
  • By learner first, then manager - will require both the learner and manager to confirm to complete the module.

6. Select how you want the learner to respond:

  • None- the learner will not need to provide a response
  • Written response (short) - a text box will be provided for the learner to write a short response
  • Written response (long) - a text box will be provided for the learner to write a long response
  • Pre-defined question- when selected a new create questions button will be provided for you to enter questions you would like the learner and/or manager to answer

7. Select if you want the learner to be able to upload documents and specify the requirements. You can also upload a document that can be used as part of the sign off process.

8. Tick Assessment if you want the manager to be able to enter a score when signing off the module.

9. Enter the estimated duration of the module.

10. If you want to add version control to your module complete the details in the Review Summary module pane.

Top tip - use this area when you make changes to a module so you can keep track of what the changes were and when they took place. 

If you add a date in the 'Review date' field, it will appear in the 'Review date' column on the module summary page. The module will change to a bold format when the review date has been reached, this will help you to manage your workflow of reviewing content.

Breeio version 9.1.3