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Finding a learning management system that’s the right fit for your organisation can seem like a real challenge. There’s a particular problem for many professional services and law firms, where most L&D teams find themselves struggling with systems designed for huge corporations with very different needs.

Here are the 7 key questions we encourage these firms to ask to find the right LMS, and how Breeio answers each…

1. How will this system help me keep colleagues happy by saving them time?

First off, your LMS has to be a great experience for your colleagues. Breeio is expertly designed with a clean, appealing visual interface. Its intuitive design saves time for users by making resources clear and navigation easy.

Automated reminders and easy-to-interpret learning logs help your colleagues stay on top of their continuing competence requirements while reducing their own admin.

And learners can access the content whenever is most convenient to them, with Breeio’s responsive, mobile-friendly interface.

Our clients say:

  • “Breeio has been really positive and impactful.”
  • “It’s user friendly, and easy to navigate.”

2. How can I keep costs under control, while getting good support from a supplier?

Our Breeio team is experienced in working with law and professional services clients, and our offering and pricing is tailored appropriately to you. We care about our clients’ success, we listen, and we provide the support you need through personal contact and learning expertise.

We’re there for you on the other end of the phone or email. You’ll deal with real people and build consistent relationships.

Our clients say:

  • “Hats off to the team and everybody that supports… The support desk team are really responsive, and always willing to help which is amazing, we love that.”


3. How can I make reporting and monitoring easier, and use them to demonstrate value to the firm?

We are champions of the work you do in L&D. We’ve thought hard about developing features in Breeio to support you to make the most of your time and to demonstrate the value of what you do for your firm.

Breeio’s business intelligence tools enable you to create meaningful reports, readily monitor training across individuals and teams, and demonstrate compliance status at the click of a button. You can set up automatic scheduled reporting to keep senior leaders informed, and to give team managers the insights they need. If you want deeper analytics, Breeio can provide configurable forensic reporting.

Our clients say:

  • “If our Head of HR wants a report, I can literally run it in 3 or 4 mins and send it straight back, which she’s really happy about. Other departments take a week to get a report back! For her that’s brilliant, and for me that makes us look really good!”
  • “People are having more confidence in our compliance data than they’ve ever had.”


4. How will the LMS engage users?

Breeio’s personal learning pathways make it straightforward to build engaging experiences that are exactly what each individual user needs. A blended learning approach means you can combine a wide variety of content types, including e-learning, videos, quizzes, documents, podcasts and assessments alongside virtual or face-to-face classroom events.

Colleagues can share their favourite content. And you can keep everyone informed and engaged by broadcasting news to specific groups of users.

Our clients say:

  • “I would find it very difficult to find any improvement required really!”

5. How will this system help us to manage professional certification requirements, as well as streamlining training overall?

Think of an LMS as that new colleague who can shoulder the burden of ensuring regulatory training renewals are happening, sending out reminders, ensuring the right people are assigned the right training, and providing reports to managers at all levels with all the information they need.

Learning logs help your colleagues to keep evidence of continuing competence, and record their reflections as needed for professional certification.

And for any compliance training across your organisation, you can get an instant overview of risk status, identify any shortfalls, and enable the firm to demonstrate it is meeting requirements through detailed skills and programme matrix reports.

Our clients say:

  • “The reports allow us to see where compliance levels have dropped and communicate that effectively to the exec level.”
  • “The business is staying ahead of where we need to be with our compliance because of the automatic renewals and reminders we’ve put in place.”


6. How will this help us to support remote learning and working?

Responding to the huge upsurge in remote working, Breeio seamlessly integrates with Zoom, Webex and other virtual platforms.

You can set up virtual classroom sessions within Breeio as part of the blended learning programme, alongside any resources such as e-learning, PDFs, quizzes, and assessments. Calendar invitations can be sent and tracked directly from the system, logging registrations and attendance.

Our clients say:

  • “The latest updates like linking with Zoom have made life ten times easier! It’s fantastic.”


7. What should I look for in a supplier?

Having a partner who will listen and support you with your LMS, and understand the unique needs of your firm, will really help you get the value you deserve.

Breeio has been developed by the team at Acteon, built on 40 years of partnering with L&D to deliver outstanding learning. We are genuinely motivated to help you succeed.

We can also support you with consulting on switching between systems, bringing content together from different systems, and identifying how to get the most from your LMS.

Our clients say:

  • “Big thanks to the team for helping us to where we are.”
  • “Your team’s ability to understand and interpret what we mean, and to meet the need and respond effectively and quickly has been brilliant. I can’t find any fault.”
  • “It's very reassuring to know we have expert support we can rely on with Acteon.”


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