How do I find my learning?

On your homepage there is a 'My courses' area where you can find the learning that has been assigned to you.

If a course is mandatory it will either appear in the 'Due soon' or 'Assigned' areas in deadline order:

  • Due soon - if it's due to be completed within the next 14 days
  • Assigned¬†- if the target date is more than 14 days or the course doesn't have a target date

There are useful indicators to let you know if a course is overdue and the number of days you have left to complete it.

If a course is optional it will appear in the 'Recommended' area - you can choose to add these into your assigned area if you would like to complete it. See the Optional Courses help page.

If you want to re-visit a course you have already completed, head over to the 'Recently completed' and the courses will be available for you.

If you'd prefer to search for learning by categories, you can do this in the Catalogue by clicking on the 'Catalogue' icon.


Breeio version 9.1.3