Everything you need in a learning system

Breeio has all the features you need from your LMS: you can create personal learning pathways for colleagues, demonstrate the impact of L&D to executives, and save yourself admin time and cost.

I absolutely love the classroom element. And the approvals. And the reporting. I love all of it!

Sue Ward, Holroyd Howe

Breeio Features

  • Easy to Use

    Our customers love Breeio's clean, simple, intuitive interface and multi-device functionality.

  • Analytics & Reporting

    Analytics and flexible reports give you real-time intelligence on organisational learning.

  • Intelligent Automation

    Save time and streamline your operation with Breeio's intelligent automation.

  • Classroom & Virtual Classroom

    Face-to-face and virtual classroom features that integreate seamlessly with Zoom, WebEx and other technologies.

  • Personal Blended Learning

    Blend e-learning, assessments, surveys, videos, support resources, events and information into unique learning pathways.

  • Compliance Training

    Manage compliance training with automatic renewals and detailed compliance reporting.

  • Teams & Objectives

    Bring managers into your LMS and let them report on their team and set learning objectives.

  • Social Learning & Gamification

    Engage your learners with Breeio's social learning & gamification features.

  • Communication Platform

    Breeio's multiple communication channels help you engage your audience and highlight key messages.

  • System Deployment

    Our team has years of experience deploying learning platforms on time and on budget.

  • Cloud Hosted

    Cloud hosted so your learners can access Breeio wherever they are.

  • Content Library

    Choose from thousands of courses provided by our content partners.