Scheduling reports

Scheduled reports can be configured and then set to automatically email out the latest results of the report to a selected group of people.

All your saved reports will be in the 'saved reports' section on your Dashboard.

In the example below we can see we have three reports that are not scheduled to be sent out and two that are scheduled.

1. To schedule the report hover over the report tile and click on the 'schedule' button:

2. Fill out the 'schedule report' form as detailed below:

Email from

Type in the email address you want the email to appear from
Email full report to

Type in the email address(s) you want the report to be sent to

Email group report to

You can select from:

  • All Managers - each Manager who has people taking the course will receive their groups' report for the course or courses in the report type.
  • Select individual Managers - select from the list of Managers who have people taking the course or can report on the course (Course Managers and Administrators).
  • None - select this if you want the full report to be sent.

Type your email message here. The email will be sent with this text and the report attached

Email subject

This will be the subject of the email that is sent by the system - it will default to the title of the report but you can change it by typing over it


Select how often you want the report to be sent:

  • Do not send the report yet, I will set the schedule later
  • Send every day, except on Saturday and Sunday
  • Send every week, on Monday
  • Send on the first day of the month
  • Send on the first day of a new quarter
Report format

Select if you want the file to be sent in CSV or PDF format

Add to homepage?

Select if you want the scheduled report to be added to the recipients homepage

3. There are a number of buttons at the end of the form, select the one for the action you want to take:

Send me a preview

This will send you a copy of the report so you can review it before saving and sending it to anyone. You can make any changes by clicking on the 'schedule' button.


This will cancel the information you have added into the form and you will be taken back to the Dashboard.

Save and send now

This will save the report and send a copy of the report to the recipients.


This will save the report and will send the report as per the schedule you have set.

Breeio version 9.1.3