Adding file upload module

Like other types of modules, a File module will sit inside a course and can be blended with other training opportunities (eg. e-learning, resources, classroom, etc).

1. On the New Module screen, select the Upload file option.

2. Select the file to upload.

3. The module title will be populated with the name of the file - you can change this.

4. Write a description of the module for learners. (This description appears on the Course page.) If you want a hard line break to appear in the displayed text, use the Return key.

5. If you are uploading a PDF file you can Select the play mode you want:

  • Download
  • Open in Browser
  • Play - this will track the user's progress, bookmark the page they're on for next time and will complete the module on Breeio
  • Play (no download) - as above but the users is not provided with the ability to download the file

6. Type a number in the Estimated Duration field to specify how long the average learner will take to complete the module. This must be a whole number of minutes.

6.Click the SUBMIT button to upload the module into your Breeio.

You will receive a message telling you if the module has been added successfully.