Adding e-learning SCORM or xAPI

Like any other type of module, an e-learning SCORM 1.2 or Tin-Can module will sit inside a course and can be blended with other training opportunities (eg. Classroom, resources, practical activities, etc).

To upload a SCORM or xAPI module, go to the Content area and click on the Modules tab.

1. Click on Upload SCORM xAPI

2. Select .zip file you wish to upload. You will either have exported this from an authoring tool or been given .zip files from your content provider. These are special zip files with a very specific structure that makes them readable by the learning management system.

3. Type a number in the Estimated duration field to specify how long the average user will take to complete the module. This must be a whole number of minutes.

4. Tick the box if the module is an exam or marked assessment.

5. Click the Submit button to upload the module into Breeio.

You will receive a message telling you if the module has been added successfully.