Adding a weblink module

Like other types of modules, a Weblink module will sit inside a course and can be blended with other training opportunities (eg. e-learning, resources, classroom, etc).

1. On the New Module screen, select the Add a Weblink option.

2. Enter the title of the new module.

3. Write a description of the module for learners. (This description appears when learners look at the course page and when the pop-up appears with the web link.) If you want a hard line break to appear in the displayed text, use the Return key.

4. Enter the URL of the web page (the easiest way is to go to the page in a web browser, copy the address from the browser's address bar and paste it into the URL field).

5. Type a number in theEstimated Duration field to specify how long the average user will take to read the web page. This must be a whole number of minutes.

7.Click the SUBMIT button to upload the module into your Breeio.

You will receive a message telling you if the module has been added successfully.